Our Mission

Meo Haus's mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats in Hanoi. Our focus is to find happy homes for cats who have a hard time showing their cute and friendly personalities living in a shelter environment.

Our History

Meo Haus Cat Cafe and Adoption is founded by a Vietnamese husband who loves tea and Taiwanese wife who cat lovers and love coffee and tea. They have years of volunteering experiences at cat rescues in United States with extensive knowledge about cat behaviors. The cafe is partnering with Hanoi Pet Adoption by fostering their cats who are ready for adoption.

How the cats are being cared for

We hire dedicated cat nannies per floor to...

(1) keep the room and litter box clean at all time,

(2) feed both pate (Pawrents' Choice) and dry food with digestive enzyme (Dogcat Star) and vitamins supplements.

(3) 24/7 running water fountain to keep water fresh,

(4) maintain comfortable temperature and air quality with 24/7 air purifier and running AC in the summer or heater in the winter,

(5) track health check for each cat per shift,

(6) able to seek immediate vet support via Hanoi Pet Adoption.

white ceramic teapot beside brown spoon
white ceramic teapot beside brown spoon

Coffee and Tea

taste and freshness

Coffee beans - unique blend of Kenya, Brazil, and Vietnamese Arabica with a little bit of Robusta for the fine balance of the acidity and bitterness with the depth of fruitiness.

Tea - locally sourced tea from Vietnam.

Milk - freshly delivered DaniMilk from the only dairy farm in Vietnam that sources its dairy from Jersey cows.

Staff room

3F: Cat room

2F: Cat room

1F: Regular cafe

G: Parking

The Cafe Layout